Republicans For Peace?

Michael Tomasky claims that this "sure isn't the Republican Party of George Bush, Dick Cheney, and Don Rumsfeld." Greg Scoblete pours cold water on the new meme:

[V]ague declarations on the campaign trail have no meaningful relation to how a candidate would govern if he or she were elected. … The fact of the matter is that any significant "shift" in GOP foreign policy won't happen at the level of presidential hopefuls angling for the limelight. It will occur when the bureaucrats and policy-makers that would staff a future Republican administration turn meaningfully from the doctrines and orthodoxies that have shaped "Republican" foreign policy in the past.

But this is a start. Sanity bubbles up from below. Even Palin has fired lost her resident neo-con fanatic, Michael Goldfarb.

And you simply cannot politically argue for massive cuts in domestic entitlements if you leave the entire Cold War military-industrial complex in place. At some point, something has got to give. And, to my mind, the GOP is oddly our best hope. When even Obama, a president who would never have been elected if he had not opposed a rash intervention, becomes a president who has launched two new wars on his watch, you see the limits of Democratic power. They are too scared to cut defense in any serious way. They have to keep swinging their military dick to prove that national security is safe with them. Only a constitutionally conservative GOP can bring the military to heel.