Immigration Is Good

Andrew Sullivan —  Jun 16 2011 @ 2:07pm


Cardiff Garcia regrets that "not only is the US cracking down more on illegal immigration and on those who employ illegal immigrants; the country is also making the legal immigration process infinitely more ponderous":

[T]here’s no reason for the US to get complacent on immigration, and certainly none to backtrack. Especially because there are studies showing that immigration enhances productivity (thereby solving two problems, population and productivity, at once), is especially good for cities, and boosts house prices. And as the CBO report explains, fertility rates among immigrant women aged 14-49 are higher than those of native-born women. Immigration also provides more workers to lower the old-age dependency ratio, something that should matter in a country with so many retiring boomers. Yes, there are nuances in all of these, but we think you know where we stand.