The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew reiterated the truths that conservatism used to stand for, and feared Obama's illegal drone wars. Huntsman paved the way for a Republican isolationist, readers picked on Perry's successful Texas and compared it to Massachusetts, and Nate Silver measured governors' advantage. Romney appealed to voters for being electable, Gore embraced him, but his jokes still fell flat. Bachmann struggled to secure the elites' support, Cain remained blind to his islamophobia, al Qaeda found a new boss, and Joe Klein got misanthropic.

Weiner resigned for not having sex, but he wasn't the first and Cardiff Garcia reminded us that cracking down on all immigration isn't good. Bush's CIA went after academics, Obama was still running against Bush, and readers argued swiftboating is when we became Rome. Art schooled history as a more practical career, willpower comes easy after a good night's rest, and the internet allowed all of us to disappear into our fantasies. Photographs tracked the past, and readers remained suspicious of a universal, happy Facebook. ATMs didn't steal our jobs, a eunuch shared Andrew's vision of masculinity and testosterone, and Timberlake exited the cannabis closet. Readers counseled our depressed reader (some with tough love), and Douthat still feared a prescription for suicide.

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