The View From Your Window, Ctd


An eagle-eyed reader writes:

Please excuse the longwinded email, chock full of images, but seeing the town where I live – Hudson, New York – in a VFYW inspired me to share. Upon close inspection of the photo, I noticed that in the background you can see rides left over from the rather big Flag Day Parade celebration. (This town is crazy about parades – it’s the fire trucks.) One of the rides is called – wait for it – Bear Affair.

For pictures from the Flag Day Parade, check out this Flickr gallery. And, while I’m at it, there is a local church that prides itself on its floats, Rock Solid Church. They have high-quality production values, a great sound system and a deadly earnestness. This year's theme was Washington Crossing the Delaware. Behind the float were church members carrying notable quotes from William Penn, Benjamin Franklin on prayer and this gem from George Washington. “Don’t let any man claim to be a true American if they ever attempt to remove religion from politics.” I noted what an interesting and uncharacteristic quote it seemed to be from George Washington, so I googled the quote and it, of course, was never uttered by Washington. It feels generous to call this a paraphrase; it’s outright lie. I thought to write a letter to the editor, but to what end?

A year ago, they had soldiers protecting the American way of life – which constituted a mother reading a lady’s magazine in the playground with the kids.  Two years ago they had, I kid you not, a Christ carrying a large cross – on a treadmill, mind you, on a float – being whipped by a Roman Centurion, while speakers blared, “Proud to be an American.”  They won best float that year.