The Election Begins Now

Andrew Sullivan —  Jun 18 2011 @ 9:27am

Maria Bustillos implores you to at least pay attention:

What a candidate says during debates and in the last months of a campaign will unfortunately give you little to no idea of what he or she actually believes or how he or she would behave in office. Each candidate, particularly as things heat up at the end, will be tailoring his every syllable to the dictates of pollsters and campaign strategists, or "lying varmints" as they are also known, who don't give one one-thousandth of a damn about anything but winning the election. There's no law against lying in campaigns or in campaign advertising. You can't sue anyone afterward for having misled you. However, if you start now, you can learn a ton and not be completely bamboozled by all the hype and pundits and bullshit that surrounds this thing, which was already an epic amount …