Bristol’s Innocence

Andrew Sullivan —  Jun 20 2011 @ 1:44pm

A reader writes:

Sarah Palin repeatedly tells the media to stay away from her children and attack her. That's fair for a politician. But then her daughter writes a memoir, including a tawdry expose about how she drunkenly lost her virginity to the father of her child. This is a disgusting mixture of celebrity and hypocrisy.

Another writes:

The new narrative is now that Bristol was a virgin and that Levi raped her. And yet she chose to have the baby. Are you not seeing how this will play out on the trail and will be catnip for her base?

Reporter: Do you believe abortion should be allowed in cases of rape?

Palin: No. In fact, my daughter was a victim of a date rape, but after much prayer we decided that the life of that precious angel she was carrying was most important. We even found it in our heart to forgive Levi, but he was too wicked and we had to cast him out.

Another lays out a long pattern of Palin behavior:

You ask if that isn't pretty  serious charge to level at the father of her child?  Sure. And yet isn't it also in total keeping with the sexual predator meme that she apparently has learned at her mother's knee? What all do we have so far in the ongoing saga of alleged slobbering males who can't keep their nefarious dirty minds and mitts off the Palin women?

-Sarah moved her family from Juneau back to Wasilla because supposedly her daughters were under threat of gang rape. (Even though Palin did not inform the school, the local police and downsized her security detail at the same time.)

-The Tennessee hacker had supposedly compromised their security resulting in Bristol getting threats of boys who were going to crash in the door of their home to attack her, in her isolated home in the woods where she hunkered with her little baby. (In spite of the fact that the Palin's had Secret Service detail right outside the door of their "isolated" home on a major Alaskan road and no one ever saw the threatening messages.)

– David Letterman was a pervert who wanted to molest Willow

– Joe McGinnis was a pervert who wanted to crawl through Piper's window and have his wicked way with her

And so on and so on. It's getting to be grotesque. Now we have Bristol losing her innocence to and impregnated in the woods by a redneck date rapist. (A redneck rapist she later walked around a stage with hand in hand as an announcement of their engagement, and later made thousands of dollars with by appearing in People magazine announcing their 2nd engagement.  With their baby there for the charm factor.)

At some point, allegations of sexual perversion and victimization have just become a reflex political tool/money maker for Sarah Palin. And her daughter is just franchising out the family marketing strategy. And lest you think I'm being harsh, ask yourself this: How is it we never heard this story from Bristol before? Could it possibly be because it never happened? Could it possibly be because she has a book to sell?

Politicalgates recently added another example to the reader's list. In response to Alaska Representative Jay Ramras publicly complaining that then-governor Palin didn't attend a committee to explain her plan to raise taxes, Palin emailed the following to her aide:

Sheeesh… He's basically just announced I'm not around HIM enough! Doesn't he know why? I have two teenaged daughters, everyone knows gotta' keep the young 'uns away from the likes of Jay.

In another email, she wrote:

Maybe Jay's missing his little lady and feels frustrated lately. I'll have to keep him away from Bristol.