The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, we remembered the Iranian uprising of June 2009, when Andrew parsed the stolen election, men in green and black united, and Twitter came into its own. A reader today remembered Neda, whose death on YouTube will outlast any gravestone, and we debated whether the Green Movement failed. A reader wondered what would have happened if Iranians had occupied the square like the Egyptians did, the uprising got animated, and the chanting carried on in Tehran.

Andrew cheered New York on for the gay rights movement's own BFD, even if it didn't happen today. Andrew dismantled Romney's major talking point about Obama's effect on the economy, Peter Beinart urged the GOP to follow Reagan's isolationism, Ryan's plan still didn't offer a better life for most Americans, and compassionate conservatism sizzled. Bristol lost her virginity while camping, and readers demolished the Palins' hypocritical innocence. Krugman predicted a lost economic decade, California could corner the marijuana market, and the retirement saving starts now.

Exum slammed the Obama administration for calling Libya anything but a war, and Bernstein feared the more secretive wars we haven't heard about. Baghdad returned to normal, and Syrian experts eyed Assad's expiration date. Andrew insisted on the divine in magic mushrooms, the market for attention narrowed, and Netflix rode the wave of aggregation. David Gems treated getting old as a disease, iAtheism emerged, and Spinoza explained Jeeves. We reflected on father's day, Sam Harris made room for spirituality, and Gmail made room for judgement.

Charts of the day here and here, Yglesias award here, Hitchens bait here, MHB here, and FOTD here.