The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Huntsman launched his candidacy and impressed Andrew as a candidate Obama should fear for all the right reasons. Huntsman still had his detractors, and Jazz Shaw feared Obama's defensive tactics could backfire. Rick Hertzberg classified Sullivan's conservatism, and we became Rome when we started calling ourselves Rome. Palin got punked by her hometown newspaper, Bristol talked smack about Meghan and Cindy McCain, and Sarah wooed us with her unintentional poetry. Elsewhere in political gotcha, Chris Wallace got his facts wrong, but Jon Stewart blurred his own as well.

Balko debunked criminal justice myths, Avent checked in on housing, and Serwer dismantled the moral universe of jokes. We searched out ways to squeeze money from the tax code, and Bruce Bartlett schooled Pawlenty on whether Reagan's tax cuts paid for themselves. Economic bubbles more closely resemble tumors, and crime may solve itself. We kept tabs on gay marriage progress in Albany (and Wisconsin), Obama shifted his stance as he governs like a community organizer, and the law could aid the religious liberty of churches. We continued to plumb the spiritual power of psilocybin, readers corrected Andrew on Glatze going ex-gay, and we assessed how the public views HIV.

We could be on the brink of winning in Libya, we steadied ourselves to drawdown troops from Afghanistan, and Kiera Feldman exposed Birthright's one sided storytelling. Andrew gave ridiculous Drudge headlines some love, Alan Jacobs rebelled against online curating, CNN aped the Dish's VFYW, Canadians rebelled with a riot kiss, and Americans have always been stupid.

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