A Fully Extended Metaphor

Mark Krikorian aims for Tom Friedman heights:

[M]any Americans want the body politic to go on a diet. An immigration diet, certainly, but also a military diet, a foreign-policy diet, a government-spending diet, a debt diet (not to mention a diet from telling Americans what to eat). We are a middle-aged country now and, to continue the metaphor, the debt crisis and our over-extended overseas commitments are our warning heart attack — it’s up to us as a people to decide how we’ll respond. Will we cut back on the salt of immigration, the sugar of Wilsonian foreign policy, the fat of massive government debt? (Okay, I’m stretching the metaphor to the breaking point.) Or will we keep gorging ourselves and just hope that we’ll survive the next heart attack?

Push away from the table, America.

I'm non-gluten myself. I think that means I cut agricultural subsidies. I agree with Krikorian's sentiments over all, although the salt of immigration makes America taste delicious.