The Daily Wrap

Andrew Sullivan —  Jun 22 2011 @ 11:12pm

Today on the Dish, Andrew called Huntsman on redefining marriage from a Mormon point of view. Chait tested Huntsman's anti-interventionism, and Ackerman thanked him for at least raising the bar on foreign policy in the GOP. Pawlenty still couldn't hang with the big guns, Palin quit her own vacation (and then some), and Bristol dismantled her own innocence. Bachmann espoused late-stage Kim Jong-Il style crazy, Alex Klein thrashed InTrade, and Jon Stewart bested Fox in journalistic integrity.

We previewed Obama's speech on bringing the "troops" home from Afghanistan, and Andrew respected Obama's skill in playing both the hawk and the dove. We wondered whether the Libyan rebels would seek vengeance in Tripoli, a prison break in Yemen raised eyebrows, and Foreign Policy ranked the failed states. Morocco moved towards a Muslim democracy, China freed artist Ai Weiwei on bail, and Bahrain cracked down on human rights activists.

We awaited news from Albany, and, in the meantime, covered the competitive sport of beards. Tax payer receipts don't assuage American anger over taxes, and the CBO's chart on the long term budget sufficiently freaked us out. Switching sides is suspect, 216,600 prison inmates were raped in 2008 alone, and brain imaging could change the entire criminal justice system. Drug war horror stories under a police state continued, all fathers make sacrifices, and Dan Drezner dissed grand strategies. Andrew appreciated the salty goodness of America's immigration, cats spoke dog, untraveled Americans fall for the British accent, and parents have sex too.

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