Waiting For Albany, Ctd

Andrew Sullivan —  Jun 23 2011 @ 12:58pm


The latest from Day Three of the extended session:

Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos said this morning that his GOP conference will discuss for the first time today whether to let the same-sex marriage bill come to the floor for a vote. Skelos did not give a time for this closed-door confab. The majority members have had several lengthy discussions about the issue of gay marriage in general, but have not yet officially wrestled with the question of whether they want to vote on the controversial issue or punt. … Skelos refused to say whether he believed the vote could take place in the middle of the night (to minimize TV coverage and allow for a quick getaway), as has been widely speculated.

City Hall News tweets: "A lobbyist tells us "I hear we could be here Monday and Tuesday next week too." #swell". CHN also uploads the above photo and captions: "[Assemblyman] Jim Tedisco and [Senator] Greg Ball have a push-up contest on the @NYSenate floor #gettingbatty".