The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Andrew weighed in on Jewish American guilt over Israel, and thought a US vote for a Palestinian state wouldn't be such a bad thing. Andrew had faith that Americans would pave the way on gay marriage, and Obama wouldn't stand in the way. Congressmen did push-ups while we waited for movement in Albany, and Timothy B Lee urged illegal immigrants to out themselves.

Andrew reviewed Obama's speech on Afghanistan, and we collected the reax from the left and the right. Afghanistan troops could be replaced with contractors, Americans taught Afghan officials better PowerPoints, we wanted our war money back, and Larison witnessed a subtle shift in GOP interventionism. Internet pundits raged over libertarianism's Robert Nozick, a reader argued Rome never fell, and we pondered whether we'd want to be contacted by a more advanced tribe.

Huntsman had to differentiate himself from the other well-coiffed Mormon RINO, and a return to states' rights could help legalize marijuana. Inmates played tennis at San Quentin, and people confess to crimes they didn't commit, and incarcerate themselves to get healthcare. Texas determined America's textbook content, Susan Orlean railed against oversized houses, and despite trying, the government can't regulate cool. Dr. Pisaster defended Bristol's right to continue her relationship with Levi, which doesn't mean she wasn't raped. For the first time in history, human activity may be the primary driver of planetary change, and materialists got up in arms about spirituality on mushrooms. Animals acted like dicks, a pilot wanted more hot flight attendants, and the poseur alert got arty.

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