The Daily Wrap


Today on the Dish, we collected the web's best reax on marriage equality in New York, and Andrew eviscerated the right's sucker punches. Cuomo basked, Mehlman helped behind the scenes, and Frum admitted the conservative case against marriage equality didn't pass the real world test. TNR reprinted Andrew's original case for gay marriage, political donors stayed socially liberal, and family values came around. The long arc of history bent towards justice, our country needs more "threats" like gay marriage, and readers rejoiced around the world.

J.L. Wall couldn't walk out on Israel, Yemen was prepared to offer a safe haven for al Qaeda, and genocide in Sudan seemed imminent. A warrant for Qaddafi's arrest went out, an Egyptian gladiator fought a confused and possibly drugged lion, and air-conditioning for the US military in the Middle East totaled $20.2 billion. Sanction on Iran affected more than Iran, and China held its grip on freedom and blamed the deaths of prisoners on toilet paper.

Chris Christie spoke frankly and wouldn't apologize for it, Andrew debated instituting cuts first, and Herman Cain had all the warmth that Romney can't muster. Tough females broke the double bind, and Joe McGinniss deconstructed Palin's odd lie of being Undefeated. Obama prepared to fight for North Carolina, and education does give good returns over a lifetime. Apologizing to cops lowers your ticket price, bike lanes create more jobs, and Europeans do it better than us. HIV out-evolved us, science needs our humanism, and crime in DC never ceased to amaze us. Bill Hicks got spiritual on psilocybin, cigarettes still appealed to some after all the stigmatization, our stomachs outsmarted our tongues, and even the healthy cereal contained as much sugar as a chocolate bar. 

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