Israel As Family, Ctd

A reader writes:

Some 24% of Israelis are non-Jews. About 20% are either Muslim or Christian; some 4% are people who identity as officially vague – they are not Palestinians, but the rabbinate, which in Israel largely determines such matters, refuses to acknowledge them as Jews.

Does J. L. Wall consider those non-Jews "family", too? Or does he think of Israel as merely its Jewish community? One in four Israelis is not a Jew. All of them suffer, to a degree, from social exclusion – Muslims and Arab Christians, of course, suffering more than others. This is why the Palestinians, and progressive Israelis, refuse Netanyahu's demand that Israel will be recognized as a Jewish state: This will supply a de jure justification to the politics of discrimination Israel indulges in for some sixty years.

The fact that American Jews, for the most part, are unaware of these issues, shows they are not really in love with Israel: They are in love with a vague notion of it, a phantasm of a family. They simply cannot see how dysfunctional that family is.