Bitter, Party Of Two

Andrew Sullivan —  Jun 29 2011 @ 4:37pm

K-Lo interviews Robbie George. Money quote:

LOPEZ: What does it mean for the meaning of marriage in New York?

GEORGE: It means that New York has abolished marriage as a matter of civil law and replaced it with a counterfeit that New Yorkers' children and grandchildren will be taught to accept and approve as if it were the real thing. What New York now offers its citizens is "marriage" in name only.

All you straight married New Yorkers? National Review regards you as divorced. Then there's this personal swipe at Cuomo and Bloomberg:

Although they claim to be supporters of marriage who merely want to “expand” the institution (or expand “access” to the institution) out of respect for what they regard as the civil rights of people to have their romantic partnerships (whatever their shape) recognized and legitimated by the state, both are reported by New York media to openly cohabit with women with whom they are not married. They do this not in defiance of their stated beliefs about sexual morality and marriage, but in line with those beliefs. Neither supposes that he and his mistress are setting a bad example for children or undermining the public’s faith in important marital norms.