Kramer vs Sullivan?

In their premier weekly dialogue at New York, Adam Moss and Frank Rich discuss their surprisingly emotional reaction to New York’s legalization of marriage equality. It’s well worth a read. I recall Adam’s skepticism in the early days. Then this:

Adam: Larry Kramer’s enormous role in this movement cannot be denied. I was thinking this weekend about the yin and yang of Kramer and Andrew Sullivan, whose writings were also essential to Friday’s vote. I imagine Sullivan and Kramer can’t stand each other.

Frank: I would not want to be an arbiter between the two of them, and God knows I’ve had my innings with Larry Kramer too. There are many heroes in this story, and certainly Sullivan (and others, like Evan Wolfson, the legal mind behind Freedom to Marry) played a big role in marriage.

The truth is: although Larry and I have tried immensely hard to not stand each other, we have long been good friends. We interviewed each other twice in Poz magazine; we share the same core ideal – simple, radical equality; we believe in a gay culture that will one day do justice to the great gay Americans in the past, from Lincoln to Whitman; we have little but contempt for the Human Rights Campaign; we were both forged in the crucible of AIDS, although I was too young to experience the early horrors that Larry did. We have also both acted as lightning rods within the gay community and are happy to be Jeremiads if necessary.

Larry is more traditional than many appreciate; and I am at times more radical. The fight for marriage was and is both conservative and radical. The truth is: we are more alike than either of us would care to admit. Except on religion.