Obama’s Libya Dodge

Greg Sisk, a conservative Catholic who to date had largely supported Obama's foreign policy, is starting to have doubts:

There were two principled paths that Obama could have taken on Libya, but he chose neither.  First, he could have shown real leadership by making the moral case to the American people for continued participation in the NATO action in Libya, rather than leaving that task to his former opponent, Senator John McCain.  On this path, Obama would have forthrightly sought congressional approval (as have Obama’s predecessors, including President George W. Bush, in every similar past case).  Second, Obama could have argued that the War Powers Resolution is an unconstitutional intrusion on presidential powers and forthrightly said he would not comply with its requirements (again, a position taken by Obama’s predecessors of both parties).  Right or wrong on the substance, either position had the merit of integrity.  Instead, Obama appears to want to avoid any responsibility by pretending nothing really is happening (just move along, nothing to see here).