The Daily Wrap


Today on the Dish, Andrew praised Obama for getting so much done in what may be the most seismic period for gay equality in history. Andrew challenged Chris Christie's non-argument against gay marriage, compared his own radical fight to Larry Kramer's conservative one, and regaled us with tales of his first gay bar experience. Changing your mind is a legitimate conservative move, we kept an eye on Minnesota's marriage vote, Texas welcomed gay families, and K-Lo and Robbie George had a bitter pity party.

Kucinich showed up in Syria, tear gas rained down on Tahrir, a rift opened up between Iran and Bahrain, and al Qaeda got rebranded. Obama avoided copping to war in Libya, the Goldstone retraction didn't undo certain Israeli crimes, and Niebuhr's God wouldn't approve of the American Empire. Bin Laden got us to spend $4.4 trillion with boxcutters, we treat our veterans like shit, and leaving Afghanistan is popular.

Bachmann had to maintain her crazy edge, but her gaffes were less troubling than her actual policies, and Palin was set to lose Alaska to Obama. The debt negotiations failed, and we hailed Coburn/Lieberman for saving money while it saves Medicare. Sex-selective abortion troubled Douthat, smartphones were made with slave labor, and all immigration appeared morally problematic. We parsed the Supreme Court decision on video games, and wrongful convictions cost us a ton of money. Ze’ev Wurman picked a fight with librarians, innovation is complicated, and caffeine is still the best drug around. Curly haired women became heroines, Chipotle broke our hearts, and Bill Hicks found God in psilocybin.

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