Bitter, Party Of Two, Ctd

A reader writes:

Robbie George said, "What New York now offers its citizens is "marriage" in name only."  Umm, maybe this is an obvious point, but all the state has ever offered its citizens is "marriage in name only". The marriage license to the state is a legal contract. What someone makes of that partnership beyond that has always been up to the individuals involved.

Another writes:

I was shocked by Robbie George's personal attack on Gov. Coumo and Mayor Bloomberg. I had recently just heard this audio clip of Maggie Gallagher talking about Coumo and his girlfriend, stating, "I wouldn't question [Cuomo's] religious convictions, but he's certainly not living the teachings of the Church right now by all appearances."

Aside from obviously smearing his religious convictions, Gallagher is being hugely hypocritical. By all outside reports (the same evidence she uses to smear Cuomo), Catholic Gallagher is married in a civil marriage to a Hindu man. She herself is "living in sin" as the saying goes, with her husband, as the Catholic Church does not sanctify interfaith marriage.