A Chipotle Tortilla Has 290 Calories? Ctd

A reader writes:

I went to Chipotle a couple time in recent years and always came away from the burrito meal (chicken, usually, with beans and rice … no cheese, sour cream, guac) feeling like I had popped a quaalude and was carrying a brick in my belly. I always wondered why I felt that way after "eating healthy". Now I know why. I haven't been in years and refuse to go there anymore because of the way it would make me feel.

Another writes:

That's why they also make burrito bowls – everything but the tortilla in a bowl! There's even a diet based on the burrito bowl. I've been doing Tim Ferriss' 4-hour-body for the last six months (which basically involves variations on a rice-less burrito bowl for most meals) and am down 32 pounds since December 15.