98% Of Torture Cases Dismissed

Andrew Sullivan —  Jul 1 2011 @ 11:14am

Ackerman summarizes the news:

Over two years after Attorney General Eric Holder instructed a special prosecutor, John Durham, to “preliminar[ily] review” whether CIA interrogators unlawfully tortured detainees in their custody, Holder announced on Thursday afternoon that he’ll pursue criminal investigations in precisely two out of 101 cases of suspected detainee abuse. Some of them turned out not to have involved CIA officials after all. Both of the cases that move on to a criminal phase involved the “death in custody” of detainees, Holder said.

He later quotes Hina Shamsi of the ACLU on why these investigations were doomed from the start:

"The central problem was not with interrogators who disobeyed orders, but with senior officials who authorized a program of torture. The Justice Department must conduct an investigation that is broad enough to reach the senior officials who were most responsible for developing this program." That will happen… never.

Marcy Wheeler is all over the story.