Your Angry Birds Fix

Andrew Sullivan —  Jul 2 2011 @ 8:32am

2011-04-28 15.22.50

by Chris Bodenner

A reader writes:

You haven't put up an Angry Birds post in a while, so I thought I'd chime in. Have you seen the latest installment, "Summer Pignic"? On the splash screen is a shot of the Birds gathering around a picnic basket, and in the basket, next to the Lemonade, the blueberries, and some oddly tomato-like strawberries (or strawberry-like tomatoes) is … is … oh GOD! A COOKED HAM! The horror! They've really taken things to another level! Later on, we see the a drooling pig, somehow wielding a fork despite not having any limbs, gloating over a plate of eggs. This has gone too far.


I thought this photo of homemade Angry Birds cupcakes, which my wife just made for my 7-year-old son's birthday party, might rekindle that particular bit of Dishness.

Another describes some real-life angry birds:

In response to your "Animals Being Dicks" post, and this video of a parrot knocking a turtle off the counter, our Greater Vasa LOVES throwing things off: toys, dishes, you name it.  Once, while up on our roof grilling at our new place in Brooklyn, we heard a series of loud crashes only to run down and find Heathcliff running around on our buffet and duly annihilating most of our handmade wine glasses by throwing them onto the ceramic tile floor with glee.  When he saw us, he grabbed a large shard of glass and ran up and back on the glass-strewn buffet with it in his beak.  (Luckily no harm was done … to the bird.) He's also thrown dishes of yogurt off his cage and thrown fruit all over the walls just for fun.

Percy, our African Grey, has thrown various things off counters, cages, and tables, but that is mere child's play for him.  He has attacked, lifted, and pushed off the counter our dog's HEAVY ceramic bowl. (You can't believe the strength of these birds!)  He's hidden in a paper bag on the kitchen counter and ambushed me as I rounded the corner.  He's placed himself properly on the back of a chair, called the dog (by name, and complete with my whistle), and then timed things just so in order to poop on the dog.

Sorry to inform you, Andrew, but Percy is the original Angry Bird.  But then he also gently preens my eye brows and climbs down my shirt to play peek-aboo. OK, TMI.

Meanwhile, the game series is getting adapted for the silver screen. Gabe saw it coming:

To a normal human being, a big-screen adaptation of a cellphone game involving throwing birds into blocks of wood would seem like a ridiculous thing to try and turn into a movie, but you civilians are forgetting one thing that Hollywood has already figured out: people have heard of Angry Birds. So. You know. 100 million dollars.