A Chipotle Tortilla Has 290 Calories? Ctd

by Chris Bodenner

A reader writes:

Here's another novel idea: Eat half the burrito, save the other half, and have it for lunch the next day. That is what I pretty much always do these days, which helps avoid the feeling of having just eaten a "brick".

Cartman, in the above clip, has a recommendation for the other post-burrito feeling. Another reader:

I have recently been diagnosed with Celiac disease, so I’m feeling your pain – and the subsequent benefits – on the no-wheat diet. Chipotle has been a LIFESAVER however, because I can still eat exactly what I've always eaten there without worry. 

(My bowl: rice, black beans, fajita veggies, double mild salsa, medium salsa, sour cream and guacamole.  575 calories.  Somedays I'm good and skip the sour cream or guac, which saves me at least a hundred calories, but most of the time I'm weak and get both.)


Glad to see the Dish has caught on the burrito scam.  I happen to like Chipotle a lot and I can't understand why they don't offer a healty wrap.  Corn tortillas are much lower calories.  There are even whole wheat tortillas at the grocery store that taste good and are 80 calories.

The shame of this is that we know a double cheese burger is bad, but people don't realize it when these healthy-sounding dishes have so many calories.  And chain restaurants are the worst violators because they know sugar, butter, and lard sell.  Outback Steakhouse, PF Changs, Chipotle can offer unbelievably caloric foods. Check out this list of America's twenty worst foods.  Lots of things with chicken, turkey burgers, fish.  If someone is trying to order healthy in a place like that you really have to make every order a special order, ie hold the mayo, server on wheat toast, no wrap, etc. (My nominees are the Ruby Tuesday turkey burger and the PF Changs pork lo mein.)

A reader in Redmond, Washington writes:

Just an FYI, Chipotle on Wednesday started serving brown rice in addition to the white rice. (I haven't had a chance to check the caloric info yet.)

Denver, where the Chipotle chain began, launched a brown rice initiative a few years ago, but it fell flat. Update: A reader writes:

Chipotle seems to be giving the brown rice another try.  I didn't actually see brown rice at Chipotle until I visited the first international location in London in Fall of 2010 (yes, I actually sought out Chipotle while in London.  I'm a native to Colorado and had gone five months traveling Europe without Mexican anything – I very nearly cried it was so good).  I thought it looked a bit strange at the time.  It is now on regular rotation at Chipotle's across Denver – and it tastes exactly the same!