Ending* The War In Iraq

by Patrick Appel

Spencer Ackerman expects a sizable post-2011 military force in Iraq – and for no one to care:

No one in the United States gives a shit about Iraq anymore. "Forgotten war" doesn't begin to cover it. … So I wonder if there would be any political consequence to Obama putting an asterisk on his promise to end the war. (There's a qualitative difference, I think we can agree, between U.S. forces used for training foreign allies and those used for hunting and killing people [even if, yes, sometimes training involves going on raids].) Absolutely nothing in Obama's record as president suggests that he makes hard, declarative uncaveated statements on foreign policy. Obama 2012: He Ended* The Iraq War. It won't be true. Just true enough for American appetites.

Ackerman is equally cheery about Libya.