Reflections Of An Egyptian Assassin

by Chris Bodenner

Aboud al-Zomor, the alleged mastermind behind the assassination of Anwar Sadat, was released from jail shortly after the collapse the Mubarak regime.  Richard Engel managed to secure an interview with al-Zomor and it's pretty fascinating:

As we spoke, Zomor repeatedly insisted that the objective wasn’t just to kill Sadat, but to allow an Islamic revolution to take control of Egypt. Sadat, according to Zomor, was simply standing in the way. It wasn’t personal. Oddly, Zomor seemed to express what sounded like an admiration for Sadat.  He called Sadat “compassionate.” He said he wasn't as corrupt as Mubarak.

What may have surprised me even more, however, was when Zomor said killing Sadat might not have happened at all if today’s technology had been available in the early 1980s.

Had social media websites been around like Facebook and Twitter  –  which helped protestors organize this year’s revolution to unseat Mubarak  –  killing Sadat wouldn’t have been, in Zomor’s opinion, necessary. “We didn’t want Sadat to be killed, in my opinion, until we were ready for the revolution of '84. I was planning in ‘84 what would eventually happen [to Mubarak] in 2011,” Zomor said.

(Video via Copyranter)