I Will Call This My Land

Andrew Sullivan —  Jul 11 2011 @ 12:44pm

by Zack Beauchamp

I feel like I should introduce myself, since my name's not on the masthead at present.  I'm one of the new Dish staffers, fresh off a year in London where I was finishing my Master's in International Relations and Coping with British Food at the LSE.  The latter was undoubtedly the harder of the two.  Before that, I studied philosophy and political science at Brown, and interned at CSIS' Transnational Threats Project and CQ.

I've blogged a bit before (at Oxford, where I worked this past year, and at my outdated personal blog, which I won't link to out of pity for you all), and I'm thrilled to be able to call the Dish my new home.  I plan to concentrate substantive posts on the Middle East, counterinsurgency, and international political philosophy, as those are the subjects I know best, but I'll try to avoid being a three-trick pony.  Feel free to hit me up at the standard Dish address (andrew@thedailybeast.com), even if it's just to not-so-politely inform me that I'm incorrect/an idiot/as evil as the Yankees, and I'll try to get back to you.  If you prefer your yelling in 140 character increments, I'm on Twitter as, simply enough, @zackbeauchamp.

Hope you all enjoy this week as much as I will!