Bachmann’s Ex-Gay Connection

by Patrick Appel

The Nation reported that Michelle Bachmann's husband's clinics practiced ex-gay "therapy." Ron Hill says "the story that raises serious ethical and legal questions about Mr. Bachmann’s practice":

Buried in the details in the source material provided by the gay rights organization Truth Wins Out; one finds that at no time did employees of Mr. Bachmann’s clinics ever educate the client on the dangers of reparative therapy (such as suicidal ideation), its historical lack of success in changing sexual orientation, or that the practice has been denounced by mainstream medical and mental health associations. Additionally, the client should have been informed that reparative therapy is considered “experimental”, he should have been told of the availability of other therapy options, and had the risk and benefits of each option explained.

This “informed consent” is required by the ethics code of the American Psychological Association (Mr. Bachman holds a doctoral degree in psychology) and informed consent is also a requirement of the ethics code of the American Association of Christian Counselors.

In other Michelle Bachmann news, she's backing away from the ignorant racial language in the pledge she signed, and a new poll has her leading the pack in Iowa.