The Daily Wrap

Today on the Dish, Jonathan Rauch railed against blogging, Zack Beauchamp made his entrance, and Alex Massie deconstructed tabloid culture from across the pond. Rupert Murdoch's desire to own the media classified him as nuts, Massie defended the decency of British life and indecency of its press, and regulations would only seek to protect consumers from what they want. Amy Davidson defended the British press for breaking the NotW story, we gaged the crisis of reporting, and this ad fail represented most of what's wrong with American journalism.

Rauch longed for moderates to solve the budget crisis, Ezra Klein wondered if the GOP will come to regret passing up Boehner's deal, and Zack tackled democracy, China and growth. Bachmann's husband broke the ethics code of the American Psychological Association by championing ex-gay "therapy" and Rauch couldn't believe with the economy in the tank, all the GOP can talk about is gays. T-Paw went after Bachmann, and Massie compared Ed Milliband to Pawlenty for being boring. Chris defended testicles, Palin cried sexism over the Newsweek cover that she posed for, and Chris parsed her sordid past with the nanny state.

We debated how libertarians defend the powerless, Matt Zwolinski wanted progressives to become more libertarian, and the poor live without the basic luxury of a simple safety net. We examined how healthcare changed people's lives in Oregon, and medical rating sites would have to wrestle with the web's open nature. Julian Assange advertised like a douche, readers went another round on reasonable doubt, and public tragedies make for bad laws.  Criminals worked the day shift, composting could help the deficit, and most of our chocolate bars originate in Ghana. We analyzed the birth of the nation of South Sudan, al Qaeda may be cooked, and bastard amber lighting isn't a bad thing. Sam Harris remembered a bad trip, Massie critiqued contemporary country music, and we did a philosophical tasting of wine.

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