Breaking: Michelle Obama Ate A Burger

Andrew Sullivan —  Jul 12 2011 @ 12:36pm

by Patrick Appel

Ta-Nehisi calls this article, about anti-obesity advocate Michelle Obama dining at a burger joint, "the dumbest story ever written in all of human history." Adam Serwer sighs:

[I]t's a symptom of a journalistic culture that values catching a political figure in an act of hypocrisy far more valuable than evaluating the impact of their actual political views. The former, as Jay Rosen might put it, allows the reporter to maintain "innocence" because they're attacking a pol for a nonideological sin, while dealing with the facts of policymaking might actually force a reporter into "taking a side" on whose version of reality more closely resembles planet Earth.

The Paul Ryan expensive bottle of wine story is in the came category.