The Daily Wrap

Sur le Quai from Savoir Faire on Vimeo.

Today on the Dish, David Cameron cuts Murdoch loose, and Massie relished the remarkable day's events. Rauch argued for keeping anti-anti-Semitism alive, championed Buddy Roemer's candidacy, and parsed McConnell's scheme. Rauch remembered America's coolest war ever, Massie rubbed the salt of the UK's healthcare spending into our respective wounds, and deconstructed Bachmann's not-so-controversial opinion on the antichrist.

Chris critiqued the Palins' gender dynamics, and Irvin's gangsta cred added another dimension to the marriage equality coup. Patrick assessed straight civil unions through matrimony-tinted glasses, and rounded up reactions to Netflix's price hikes. Bachmann's fans don't care about her non-record, Zack debated political philosophy and motivated reasoning, and fingered the GOP for endangering the military hegemony.

The Revolutionary Guard had beef with Ahmadinejad, China schooled San Francisco in bridge-building, and Stuxnet was toppled by amateurs. We slammed the door on the Iraqis who helped us, Fallows scolded the CIA for lying about vaccines, and Obama lost the Arab popularity contest.

Garrett Miller made kids' artwork cooler, tubes could have been the travel of the future, and medieval sex confounded us. Music singles replaced the album, the internet grew, and Walter Russell Mead dissed the Stoner lobby. LA prepared for Carmaggedon, readers regaled us with stories of life on the job, and how they stopped acting like entitled shits. Stupid ad watch here, quote of the day here, app of the day here, VFYW here, FOTD here, and MHB here.