Syrian Democracy: Hezbollah’s Achilles Heel?

Andrew Sullivan —  Jul 15 2011 @ 3:09pm

by Zack Beauchamp

Thanassis Cambanis, whose excellent book on Hezbollah I'm currently in the midst of, thinks Assad's death throes may be Hezbollah's undoing:

In Egypt, for example, new political movements want to contest Israel by cutting off intelligence cooperation and natural gas sales, opening the border to Gaza and supporting Palestinian movements like Hamas. Such a policy might cause concern in Jerusalem and Washington, but it also offers the Arab world a path to resist Israel that falls far short of Hezbollah’s recipe of direct and perpetual militancy.

Until now, Hezbollah has remained popular throughout the region because of its resistance project, despite an authoritarian and Islamist internal culture that many outside the party’s immediate ambit find distasteful. In a vigorous marketplace of political ideas, Hezbollah’s share might shrink markedly.

It does look like The Party of God's domestic opponents may be prepping for a political offensive.  Stay tuned.