Cementing A Stereotype?

by Patrick Appel

June Thomas thinks Dan Savage is "acting like a big bully" by mocking Marcus Bachmann's lisp:

As Savage always notes, the kind of smear-the-queer taunts that can cause so much pain to young people aren’t aimed only at kids who are gay, they’re often aimed at boys who don’t live up to some mythical standard of masculinity and girls who just aren’t girly enough. I can only imagine how listeners who happen to have the kind of lisping, effeminate speech and affect that Savage was ridiculing felt upon hearing the attack.

On the same topic, Alyssa Rosenberg takes issue with the above video:

Political humor, if it cares about being insightful, should avoid the abundantly obvious and the exhaustively over-exposed. Portraying Bill Clinton as totally unable to resist the siren song of hamburgers doesn’t count as clever. Neither does depicting Marcus Bachmann is a lisping, effeminate closeted gay man