The View From Your Window Contest: Winner #59


This week’s contest was much more difficult than we imagined, and we received only three dozen entries from readers. One writes:

Good one.  Can’t write much, busy week ahead.  But from a quick glance, I’d say Baku, Azerbaijan.

Another writes:

ANOTHER European city? Anyway, the onion domes don’t look Russian enough for me, so I’m guessing Munich.


Hamburg, Germany. I am sure of this. My partner and I have gotten a fair number exactly correct, so just a matter of making this exact … more to follow.

Nothing followed. Another:

Well this one is simultaneously very easy and very difficult. The khrum (church) spire and bell tower in the background would say nothing other than “Russia” to anyone who has ever lived or been there. Unfortunately, pretty much every settlement of more than the tiniest size will have these same spires and bell towers in great abundance. Someone who is familiar with the building, factory, and tower to the left will do me one better and recognize the exact location. I, on the other hand, will hazard a guess at the wonderful City of Yaroslavl in the “Golden Ring.” The white brick buildings to the right remind me of that part of the Russian city.


This VFYW reminds me of the view from an attic apartment for rent near el Puerto de Toldeo in Madrid, Spain. It was 13 years ago, so I’m thinking I must get extra points for powers of recall if it turns out that my guess is within an ass’s roar.

A Star Wars nerd writes:

This is clearly the northern suburbs of the new Imperial sector of Bestine.  Note the above ground imperial architecture as opposed the the mostly below ground domed structures found in the old city area.  I can’t give you an exact street address, as the Empire has deemed that area of Bestine as classified and it will only show up as a blur if you use Google Universe to map the city.

Bestine, the “capital” of Tatooine, is situated far west of Mos Eisley (a wretched hive of scum and villainy) near the south-western Dune Sea. It was also one of the earliest settlements on the planet, but never thrived economically, sharing the same problems as many other settlements on that dry world. The Galactic Empire eventually established its base of operations there and placed its regional governor in the city’s Main Hall.

Back on Earth:

Maybe I’ve just been seeing too many vacation photos lately, but that blue sky, with nothing in the distance, and the sort-of European look? It has to be Istanbul. I think it’s somewhere near Beyoglu, facing south. I’m not that familiar with the area, and Google maps is way behind with resolution. But I see a lot of promising tile roofs close to the Hotel Bristol, so I’ll guess it was taken from there.


Long time reader, first time participant. Don’t really have the time for the rigorous analysis that some contestants are able to pull of, but given what look like Orthodox (onion dome), Polish (what appears to be another church in the background), and Soviet (downright ugly buildings in the foreground) architectural influences, I figure it’s somewhere Baltic. Why not Riga, Latvia? Probably way off, but I’ll get this one day.

Another gets close:

The church spires visible look very Polish to me.  The building construction looks very European, so this isn’t a scene from Chicago or Cleveland or another Great Lakes city with a big Polish-American population, so I think it has to be Poland. Other than that, you got me.  I’m guessing Warsaw is too obvious a location, and I think we once did Krakow in this contest, so I’ll just go with Lodz.

Closer still:

This has been a brilliantly diverting one. When I first saw the onion dome on the tower in the background, I thought it must be in the Low Countries. I’ve seen domes like that on large buildings in Ghent and Mechelen, for example. What I haven’t seen is a tower that matches, despite a pretty thorough search of towns and towers in the region. So, off to Austria and surrounding, which are also known for their onion domes … and here I’ve been finding towers that look similar. But now I’m out of time, and still no dice, so I’m plumping for Maribor, Slovenia. I know there are tons of similar towers in the region, and this looks to be a fair-sized city, probably bigger than this, so this is a pretty much a play for proximity.

Alas, I expect this’ll be the clocktower on a train station in a Dutch city I somehow missed. Finally, I got my View From Your Window book a few weeks ago, and it’s splendid. Thank you!

Maribor, Slovenia is the most proximate guess to the actual location of this week’s window – Budapest, Hungary – but since our reader has already won a contest, we’re awarding the prize to the runner up:

Salzburg, Austria? The city must have the greatest density of cool looking green steeples per square meter.

Close enough for a win!