Palin: Still A Threat, Ctd

Reading the latest ABC News poll, one finds something that Washington simply refuses to believe. Sarah Palin is, even while not running, in second place behind Mitt Romney. If you think Michele Bachmann has supplanted her in the minds of her cult followers, you are sorely mistaken. Among Republican leaners, Romney is at 26 percent but Palin remains second with 18. Palin beats Romney handily when it comes to who"best understands the problems of people like you", loses to him on experience, but equals him on values and issues. On issues and values, Palin's support is double Bachmann's.

But she's not running, couldn't win, la-la-la-la-la. If the Republican radicals decide to destroy the American economy in order to save it in the debt crisis, and Obama simply cannot survive the depression that follows, Palin is poised. It's all so very Weimar.