Dissent Of The Day

Andrew Sullivan —  Jul 22 2011 @ 11:45am

A reader writes:

You're out of line here. This guy has made no effort to be in the public spotlight. In fact, given the media's obsession with Sarah Palin, I would guess that his absence required some effort on his part. He's a private citizen, leave him alone. Sarah Palin is a public figure, and it's an obscenity that she is considered seriously. Have at her. Have at her husband and appalling daughter, who have chosen to be public figures. Track Palin clearly has chosen to be private. Please respect that choice. You've had your privacy invaded, don't do it to others.

Well, I wouldn't have known about this unless his new wife hadn't posted photos on her Facebook page. As for Track, he is constantly mentioned by his mother in speeches. He chose to appear in her reality show. When the Palins opt for privacy, I will respect it punctiliously. I wish they would.