FoReIgN PoLicY thEOry

Andrew Sullivan —  Jul 22 2011 @ 8:19am


Carl Prine interviews Courtney Messerschmidt, a 20-year-old UGA student who managed to get her blog read by militaries around the world by combining sharp foreign policy analysis with hot chicks:

I’ll now admit a sad fact:  I’m one of those chaps who actually read the articles. I don’t look at the pictures.  With Courtney this is particularly frustrating because her mish-mash of “janks” and “deets” and “big phased cookies” and other indecipherable gibberings seem to me pidgin Esperanto spray painted in the agitprop of Neo-Conservative theory.  I can’t fathom it.

But I read her links and parse phrases in their context and that dialectical process fascinates me.  Courtney is exceptionally well-read, so you can’t write her off as Max Boot with boobs. 

Courtney talks about starting her blog – in high school:

My BFF (best friend forever) Lauren was camera happy and we used it in “Soft Power.” The site. Just Exploded. Off the charts and viral. We knew we had stumbled onto something because the stats were showing up at the highest ‘diplopolitary’ levels of American, Allied and Enemy Commands. From MoD to State to Pentagon — even NATO, Shang Hai Coop, UN,Revolutionary Guards, CENTCOM, Royal Saudi Navy, Saudi Modesty Police — it was unreal. The email became much the same — most requesting — you guessed it — more pictures and more essay/analysis.

By the time “Surge Baby Surge!” hit the scene — GsGf [Great Satan's Girlfriend] was the darling of intelligentsia that have followed it every since. It also drives certain girl hating elements in sunny climes east of Suez batty to have subjects like their precious Payambar E Azam Military Drills sexed up with a provocative pic.

We tend to think of it as a necessary tool. After all — on a post about Hiz’B’Allah — would you rather see a pic of the creepy, overtly robust Body Part Collector Rocket Rich General Nasrallah or a cute girl?