One Year After Financial Reform, And …

Mike Konczal is interviewing a series of experts about the Dodd-Frank law, and there's little agreement on what happened.  Marcus Stanley thinks it's been working:

Progress is being made. We can all make a list of things we believe should have been in Dodd-Frank and weren’t. But there are important pieces that are there. Among the two most significant are the new Consumer Financial Protection Bureau and the new framework for derivatives regulation. Both of those efforts have made solid progress over the past year in the face of heavy opposition. The goal of that opposition is to erode the clear gains we did make in Dodd-Frank.

Rob Johnson is pessimistic:

For Wall Street, it has gone swimmingly. They have the process tied in knots and at the same time can complain about the muddle to further weaken government. For the rest of us, a weak bill is getting diminished further. It is the fate of money/lobby-driven political machinations to make everyone disenchanted with government.

Two other interviews here and here. I'm not an expert in this, but I fear Johnson is correct. At some point, we need to come back for more.