Texting Disasters

Andrew Sullivan —  Jul 22 2011 @ 3:43pm

Damnyouautocorrect.com reveals its most popular iPhone fails. Alexia Tsotsis talks to the site's owner:

When asked how many of the top 15 submissionsDivorced were fake (some of them really are too  good to be true, and then there’s this) Madison replied, “I honestly don’t think most of them are fake. Sure, a few people know about these lame text generators, but I don’t think the average DYAC reader/submitter has a clue they exist.” Okay, then.

Madison says that she reads through over 500 Auto Correct fail submissions a day and insists that she can tell a fake when she sees one, “You can tell the fakes because the font is slightly different, the Verizon is blurry, and the green in the bubbles is more vivid.”