“The First Real Public Intellectual”

Andrew Sullivan —  Jul 23 2011 @ 10:41am

Maria Bustillos honors media theorist Marshall McLuhan:

[His] first book, The Mechanical Bride: The Folklore of Industrial Man, was published in 1951, and it took a quite different approach to the task of lifting the veil of mass culture in order to expose the workings beneath. The chief difference was that McLuhan never saw or really even acknowledged that wall between the critic of culture and the culture itself. After all, he too was a human being, a citizen, a reader of newspapers and magazines. McLuhan’s critique took place from the inside. “[B]eing highbrow, in McLuhan’s eyes, never conferred the slightest moral value on anything,” observed his biographer, Philip Marchand.

Joseph Duggan sees McLuhan's legacy in Mark Zuckerberg's sensibilities.