Bachmann vs Pawlenty

The two Minnesotans are having a squabble being played out on NRO.  Seth Mandel traces their longstanding rivalry:

Pawlenty sees Bachmann as the “back-bencher,” and Bachmann sees Pawlenty as “the establishment.” Contrary to the narrative we’re reading about this fight, Bachmann and Pawlenty are locked in the mindset they’ve been in for a decade now, and we’re all watching this psychodrama play out on a national stage. Pawlenty has always had to look over his shoulder at Bachmann and has developed an understandable resentment about it. He believes he is the conservative governor of a blue state who managed to win election (and reelection) while advocating conservative values.

Larison thinks Michele is whooping T-Paw. Jennifer Rubin concurs. The top YouTube comment on the video above:

Dear Minnesota: wtf. srsly.