The Daily Wrap

Andrew Sullivan —  Jul 26 2011 @ 11:14pm

Today on the Dish, Andrew connected Breivik's ideology to Bill O'Reilly's, Glenn Beck had little to say about his own political summer camp, and others tried to blame it on the steroids. The Israeli media focused in on Breivik's Zionism and Roger Cohen connected his Christianism to Islamism.

In debt-crisis coverage, Andrew presented the GOP as anything but fiscally conservative, Ezra Klein found middle ground between Reid and Boehner, and all signs pointed to the GOP establishment aiming for economic ruin. We kept an eye on our AAA rating, Andrew was disappointed in that Obama didn't come out swinging in the fiscal fight earlier, and Thomas Sowell made the conservative case against the debt ceiling. Many braced for the worst.

In assorted coverage, Bachmann put the gloves on with T-Paw, Americans hated both parties, and a victim of the Drug War came home. The Israeli left got a second wind with the boycott ban and the country's protests over housing gained momentum. Personal branding didn't exist in the Soviet Union, Chameleon tiles could solve our roofing problems in the summer and winter, Google's in-house philosopher learned from the humanities, computers could read emotions for us, and many put on a blindfold to win at rock-paper-scissors. Oscar Wilde mastered the art of humiliation and we looked to the future of pot summits.

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By the way, if you missed Andrew's recent Newsweek essay on marriage equality in America, it's a must-read.

— Z.P. & C.B.