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Today on the Dish, Andrew praised one man's acceptance of his role in Breivik's madness, Beinart feared an American Breivik in the making, and Pareene threw O'Reilly's distorted logic about Christians and Muslims back in his face. We revisited Breivik's Zionism, and a cultural resentment uncannily similar to Glenn Beck's. Sam Harris penned a colorful response to Chris Hedges' attack, we watched Breivik's epistemic closure, and Daniel Pipes had some chutzpah.

On the debt standoff, Reid won the better CBO scoring with a plan that should be a conservative's dream. Andrew maintained that Obama punted on the debt, Bernstein didn't think Obama could have made a difference, and Mickey Kaus argued Boehner's plan would benefit Obama more. Wall Street and the GOP were caught in a catch-22. and America is the only country to have the luxury of creating an economic crisis. We debated whether the GOP was aware it had won, taxing the rich still seemed like a good idea, and James Poulos took a more pessimistic view.

In other assorted news, Andrew urged conservatives to care about racial inequality in income, and tried to believe Piers Morgan didn't know of hacked phones despite mounting evidence against him. Friedersdorf praised Rick Perry's federalism, but Andrew feared a Perry-Palin double bill. Andrew opted to wait for the full inquiry on the Johann Hari affair before commenting, and Bart Cammaerts reexamined the role of British media. On the international front, Khamenei aged while his country got younger and more connected to the world, Qatar remained the only Arab autocracy not to have mass protests, the CIA bungled the WMD investigation in Iraq, and Ackerman called for the end of the terror war on our own terms.

We examined the economics of a male pill, molten coffee in an old woman's lap isn't so funny when you see her third degree burns, and paperwork cost healthcare an unhealthy amount. Surveys make people want to have opinions, one man earned $15K in 24 hours thanks to one-click purchasing, and patent trolling hurts innovation. Teachers let kids watch lectures at home and do their homework in class, and one political theory wanted to make government operations less obscure. A reader added one final kick in the butt to Borders, another looked to the green future of cannabis in the garden, and many debated the merits of paying college athletes.

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(Photo: Friends and loved ones gather at the Oslo cathedral to mourn 93 victims killed in twin terror attacks from a bombing in downtown Oslo and a mass shooting on Utoya island on July 24, 2011 in Oslo, Norway. By Paula Bronstein/Getty Images)