Dating Dealbreakers

Andrew Sullivan —  Jul 30 2011 @ 7:18pm

GOOD is running a series of "exes report[ing] on the habit, belief, or boxer brief that ended the affair." Shauna Miller stays away from lookalikes:

Doppelbanger Syndrome—banging one’s clone—is a scourge of the lesbian community, and we had a critical case: same Bieber haircut, same thick-framed glasses. “You guys sisters?” everyone wondered, from pervy guys to sweet old ladies. D.C. doesn’t really do butch-femme, so there we were, left to haggle out the gray areas in the same dressing room at H&M.

Jeff Winkler reflects on the eating habits of exes:

When I returned to the states, I kept up my culinary pretenses. I tried rekindling things with the girl who introduced me to sushi. She’d shaved half her head to reflect her eco-militant feminism. I could look past her half-cooked cultural theories on post-modern hairstyles, but her veganism did us in. After her, I went out with a woman with a very strict, very lean daily diet. I bristled at her egg whites and salmon filets, until she dumped me. … I’m not the first to connect the dots between food and sex—there’s no other plausible explanation for edible panties—but it was comforting to blame everything on stomachs rather than people.