Malkin Award Nominee

"Sorry, but there's really no other word for it. Talk about someone with a malfunction. You write for the Washington Post now, sweetie. You need to grow up and at least write like an adult, even if you can't manage to think like one. Besides, as far as conservatism, all you likely ever did was cheer the nation off to another war and suck down, only to regurgitate, the GOP establishment line on domestic policy. You sound like a petty loser. Plenty of good people are fighting an honest fight to get this out of control government to rein in spending. Suggesting all they want to do is blow up a deal is a pathetic disservice done them by an obviously very small-minded, petty person misleading people about your politics by calling yourself a conservative. That makes you a liar," – Dan Riehl on Jen Rubin.

Yes, the mouthpiece for the House Republicans and fanatic for greater Israel is not on the far right. And that makes her, in Riehls' charming lingo, an "asshole".