The Nonviolent Strategy In Syria

Andrew Sullivan —  Aug 1 2011 @ 9:21pm

Hugo Dixon explores it:

[T]he message to the business community is that they won’t continue to prosper under Assad. The Syrian pound has fallen on the black market, tourism is dead, consumer demand has been thwacked and the economy is shrinking.  What about the secret police? This is the toughest part of the regime to crack, according to Monajed. He doesn’t have a simple message for them. Rather, he predicts that, as the revolution goes on, the regime will get tired and exhausted. The top generals may then liaise with Alawite leaders, arrest Assad and the top security chiefs, and form a transitional council with members from all parts of the community.

Bassma Kodmani goes deeper into the role of the Alawite community in engineering the regime's collapse.  Martin Jay thinks the Hama massacre has irreparably damaged Assad. Enduring America captions the above footage:

This is a GRAPHIC AND DISTURBING VIDEO. The video claims to show pro-Assad "thugs" throwing the dead bodies of protesters into a river near Hama.