Allies Left Behind

The US hasn't approved the vast majority of the immigration applications from Iraqi refugees working for the US in Iraq. George Packer is disappointed:

In May, two Iraqis (who hadn’t worked for the U.S. and didn’t come here on Special Immigrant Visas) were arrested in Kentucky on charges of plotting to ship weapons to insurgents in Iraq. Perhaps the Iraqi couple were already on the authorities’ radar when the new screening was put in place in February. Perhaps there are others on the government’s radar now. Whatever the case, it’s clear that, because of possible risks and threats, a process that was already troubled and inadequate has almost come to a dead stop.

The Kentucky case has spooked the agencies and removed any incentive for jittery officials to do right by the Iraqis who, at unbelievable risk to themselves and their families, supported the U.S. during the long years of war.