The Daily Wrap


Today on the Dish, Andrew assessed the trauma the GOP left in its wake of all the debt ceiling drama but realized that the American people recognize Obama's stable character. He caught George Will trying to make Obama into a commie when he's really a Tory, and readers saw an out for Obama in all the election game-playing. We feared emergency spending could cut through any defense cuts anyways, Bradford Plumer still had high hopes, but Benjamin H. Friedman feared the defense cuts may be imaginary. Palin sunk to all new lows with charges of Obama still pallin' around with terrorists, we may have solved her "food baby" mystery, Palin's hairdresser was rewarded with a reality show, and a reader expanded on Andrew's claim Palin could eat Romney for breakfast.

In international affairs, Andrew demanded a war crimes trial for John Yoo's "enhanced interrogation" so we could let history be his judge. Assad's forces aimed and fired tanks directly at civilians, we wondered what the international community does if the violence continues through Ramadan, and we parsed why Damascus and Aleppo remain quiet. Larison wanted us to cut the crap with Libya, Goldblog predicted what terrorist attacks scare him most, Muslims most disapprove of violence targeting civilians, Frank Gaffney went off the deep end about Breivik's "false flag Sharia" operation, and Chris Christie stood by his appointment of a Muslim-American judge. 

In national news, Native Americans displayed the democratic process in action better than we could for marriage equality, and capital punishment isn't effective in drawing down murder rates. James Poulos pulled for practical libertarianism as a new GOP foundation, Rick Perry kept pandering, and Douthat singled out liberals' adherence to protecting entitlements at any cost. The Dish's new and improved Twitter feeds and Facebook page went live, a DSK lover didn't think he was too violent with sex, and American politicians were forced to resign over a consensual nudie pic, but not abandoning their children. Doctors navigated American parents selecting the sex of their children, Rebekah Brooks was exposed as the bully she is, and our fantasies may one day outgrow our budget. Elle Herman confronted the limitations of teachers, readers expanded our bilingual vocabularies, and online dating doesn't always match our political proclivities. TNC pondered the deification of civil rights leaders, and Rod Dreher reminded us of our disastrous failure of prudence.

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