The Question For The Day II

Andrew Sullivan —  Aug 4 2011 @ 12:59pm

It's worth tackling this one head-on, since it seems to be the main theme of the GOP candidate, Mitt Romney, and of the admit-no-error right. Have Obama's policies actually made the economic situation worse? I'm afraid I find none of the arguments plausible. Once again, David Frum says what needs to be said:

Obama’s only tax increases – those contained in the Affordable Care Act – do not go into effect until 2014. Personal income tax rates and corporate tax rates are no higher today than they have been for the past decade. The payroll tax has actually been cut by 2 points. Total federal tax collections have dropped by 4 points of GDP since 2007, from 18+% to 14+%, the lowest rate since the Truman administration.

If so minded, you could describe Barack Obama as the biggest tax cutter in American history.

Thanks to the right's post-modern propaganda channel, most Americans probably believe that Obama has increased their taxes, while the obvious solution is to lower them some more. Indeed, that's now the mainstream view in the GOP. It's nuts. If tax cuts were a miracle cure, why the anemic growth as GWB bust the budget in the first decade of the new century? Why haven't Obama's tax cuts in the stimulus worked the way the GOP says they would? Until I hear a credible, factal answer to that, I tend to lose interest as I hear Republican bombasts repeating talking points from the 1980s, as if they were irrefutable, or hadn't actually been, you know, refuted.