Derb: Burn Baby Burn!

John Derbyshire reacts to the riots in classic form:

Through British veins runs the poisonous fake idealism of "human rights" and "sensitivity," of happy-clappy multicultural groveling and sick, weak, deracinated moral universalism — the rotten fruit of a debased, sentimentalized Christianity. When not begging for forgiveness and chastisement from those who rightfully despise him, the modern Brit is lost in contemplation of his shiny new car or tweeting new gadget; or else he has given over all his attention to some vapid TV production or soccer team. I treasure my faint, fading recollections of Britain when she was still, for a few years longer, a nation. Today Britain is merely a place, a bazaar. Let it burn!

And so the reactionary joins the criminal. It's a useful reminder that whatever Derb is (candid tonic? pub bore?), he is not a conservative. He hates the status quo.