What Can Be Done About The Economy?

Andrew Sullivan —  Aug 9 2011 @ 6:32pm

Kevin Drum asks for ideas:

We can all name things we think [Obama] should have done in the past. But that's water under the bridge. Right now, the economy is what it is, and the Republicans who control the House flatly won't allow Obama to do anything about it. It hardly matters why. Maybe it's because of legitimate ideological differences. Maybe it's because it's not in their interest for the economy to get better before next November. Maybe they're just nuts. Regardless, they aren't going to allow any action that might improve the economy in the short term. End of story.

So: what's the answer?

Jared Bernstein recommends the FAST legislation and Yglesias likes using Fannie and Freddie. Drum responds to both here. My more conservative advice here.